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Graph Information

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
Closing tables State_closing_tables derive     The thread is flushing the changed table data to disk and closing the used tables.
Copying to tmp table State_copying_to_tmp_table derive     The thread is processing an ALTER TABLE statement. This state occurs after the table with the new structure has been created but before rows are copied into it.
End State_end derive     This occurs at the end but before the cleanup of ALTER TABLE, CREATE VIEW, DELETE, INSERT, SELECT, or UPDATE statements.
Freeing items State_freeing_items derive     The thread has executed a command. This state is usually followed by cleaning up.
Init State_init derive     This occurs before the initialization of ALTER TABLE, DELETE, INSERT, SELECT, or UPDATE statements.
Locked State_locked derive     The query is locked by another query.
Login State_login derive     The initial state for a connection thread until the client has been authenticated successfully.
Preparing State_preparing derive     This state occurs during query optimization.
Reading from net State_reading_from_net derive     The server is reading a packet from the network.
Sending data State_sending_data derive     The thread is processing rows for a SELECT statement and also is sending data to the client.
Sorting result State_sorting_result derive     For a SELECT statement, this is similar to Creating sort index, but for nontemporary tables.
Statistics State_statistics derive     The server is calculating statistics to develop a query execution plan. If a thread is in this state for a long time, the server is probably disk-bound performing other work.
System lock State_system_lock derive     Requesting or waiting for a table system lock.
Table lock State_table_lock derive     About to request an internal table lock after acquiring an external lock. Follows from System lock.
Updating State_updating derive     The thread is searching for rows to update and is updating them.
Writing to net State_writing_to_net derive     The server is writing a packet to the network.
None State_none derive      
Other State_other derive