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Number of commands being handled by memcached

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
Gets cmd_get derive     Cumulative number of retrieval reqs
Sets cmd_set derive     Cumulative number of storage reqs
Touches cmd_touch derive     Cumulative number of touch reqs
Get Hits get_hits derive     Number of keys that were requested and found
Get Misses get_misses derive     Number of keys there were requested and not found
Delete Hits delete_hits derive     Number of delete requests that resulted in a deletion of a key
Delete Misses delete_misses derive     Number of delete requests for missing key
Increment Hits incr_hits derive     Number of successful increment requests
Increment Misses incr_misses derive     Number of unsuccessful increment requests
Decrement Hits decr_hits derive     Number of successful decrement requests
Decrement Misses decr_misses derive     Number of unsuccessful decrement requests
Touch Hits touch_hits derive     Number of successfully touched keys
Touch Misses touch_misses derive     Number of unsuccessful touch keys